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Friday, March 9, 2012

Low Man On The Totem

Almost every job I have had I started in a position which was described to me as the low man on the totem. When I was younger I thought this was a bad position but as I grew older I learned it was the best position to be in.

I have learned that the ‘low man’ on the totem is actually the strongest position of the totem as it is the one who carries everyone else upon their shoulders. I have felt that feeling more times than I care to count.

This is the ‘low man’ on my favourite totem.
I find great strength here.

The mighty Thunderbird rides high

Cedar Man
The largest totem in diameter anywhere

Noble and proud

Remember the low man on the totem has the greatest responsibility.
Take pride in what you do even if you are the low man. Remember you are important without you everything is off balance.
I feel blessed to live near these totems so I can look to them when I feel off with the universe.

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