Dream as if you'll live forever
Live as if you'll die today

Friday, December 19, 2014

Walk of Shame?

Someone asked me the other day if I ever did the walk of shame.
Being not so hip I had to have explained to me what the walk of shame is.
While I will admit I have done it I have never thought of it as a walk of shame.
Those walks of shame as you so call them for me were a sign I had an awesome night. What can I say, and besides just because you are going home in the morning in the same clothes you wore out doesn't mean you've done anything to feel shameful about.People's assumptions and opinions are so fucked.

So with that in mind here's one of my rock n' roll fables for you.
Perhaps my best walk of shame?

A number of years ago I worked fulltime at A&B Sound and part time at the best ever live music club in Victoria, Harpo's.
Like any job sometimes you like to go for a drink after work.
Quite convenient to work in a bar you don't have to go far.
Sometimes if you were lucky it was a night when the band decided to kick back with the staff and boy could I tell you stories but I have to stick with this one.
On one of these nights when the band was hanging out the bass player and I struck up good conversation.
Good conversation lead to more drinks and more drinks lead to how about we get out of here. Next thing you know it's morning you're getting your roommate to give the bass player a ride to the band house and yourself a ride to work. And as the vehicle drives away you hear "you might want to wash that autograph off your leg before you get to work" You look down and on your calf in black permanent marker is an autograph, too freakin' hilarious.

So, walk of shame or just a great night of fun.
You tell me.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


OK so I missed a couple days.
Trust me I've had nothing nice to say.
Still don't!
I am so frustrated with the world right now.
In need of some primal scream therapy.
I'll be back tomorrow with some words of wisdom
A challenge is a challenge.

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Why so much hate?
Why are people so mean?
Why is everyone so afraid to admit they're afraid?
Why are we destroying our planet?
Why don't we speak up?
Why do some follow so blindly?

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Talking to Myself

As I was standing at the ATM tonight the lady next to me was chattering away to herself.
It reminded me of how much people bug me about talking to myself.
I don't think of it as talking to myself as much as I think of it as vocalizing my thoughts.
Is there a difference and what's wrong with talking to yourself anyway?
At least I know I'm talking to someone with intelligence.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Remember When

Remember when a ringtone was a families way of knowing the call was for their house
Remember when tv programming ended at midnight and there was only one channel
Remember when kids used to play outside
Remember when families ate dinner together at the table
Remember when a hashtag was a pound sign
Remember when you knew your neighbour
Remember when people talked in complete words and sentences
Remember when a peanut butter sandwich was safe to take in your lunch
Remember when the whole world wasn't going to hell in a hand basket
Remember when young people respected their elders
Remember when ...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Something You Don’t Know

Where to start... well I was born a poor black child.
Oh wait that was a Steve Martin movie.
One of the things about me is that I speak and reference song lyrics and movie lines a lot.Some  people get me others just think I am weird which is just fine with me!
The reason I decided to start with something about myself is because I was thinking about a question WestJet  hopefuls get asked during the initial interview process.
Tell us something we don't know about you.
Hmmm do you be serious and heartfelt,do you shock and awe,do you make them laugh or do you say something like I just said and get looked at like you are a crazy person. I do tend to be the latter so I probably wouldn't make it as a WestJet employee.
Kidding aside this is Day 1 of my 30 day writing challenge. The goal is to make the 30 days and take it beyond making it part of my daily ritual. Almost sounds like rehab! Perhaps it is.
I currently have writings and photography on this blog feel free to peruse but don't be too critical I am fragile. JK! Well not completely.

peace and love

Monday, October 13, 2014

Giving Thanks

Today I give thanks for everyone in my life far and near
Without all of you I would not be where I am today
I am thankful for the guidance and knowledge you have provided me
Without all of you I would be alone
Everyday I am reminded why you are in my life
Without all of you I wouldn't have awesome memories
Memories that make me laugh out loud and sometimes cringe
Without all of you my life would be empty
Because of all of you my life is full

Friday, May 16, 2014


This is the beginning of a new photo series titled

Altered States

Poppy in the Rain

Spirit in the Tree

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Martha and the Muffins

Listening to one of the tv music channels today and Echo Beach by Martha and the Muffins comes on. Boom flashback to 1980.
I was on a date, might have even been a blind date. I met <insert name here> at a pub in Halifax.
I know what you're thinking I was under age, it was only by a couple years though.
An older friend of mine who had the same birth date as me let me use her ID. See there was no picture on the drivers licence back then and as long as you could spit out your birth date without screwing up you were good to go.
Anyway we were chatting and having a few drinks when he said he had tickets to a show at the Misty Moon, another awesome live venue that is RIP, and asked if I would like to go. That's pretty much a rhetorical question with me, was then still is.
I don't know of anywhere that does this anymore but in the pub someone was always walking around with flowers for sale.  As we were leaving he bought me a red rose. To use today's terminology I thought OMG!! Back then I thought it was the most cliche thing in the world and I still do. I accepted nicely of course as I can be polite and I didn't want him to end the date before getting in to the show, was that wrong of me?
So we get on our way and we drive up to the club where the marquee reads Martha and the Muffins. I was so excited as Echo Beach was the hot single at the time and I was getting to see them perform live.
Once inside the club more drinks were had and inhibitions started to run a little wild.
Me+bar+live music=something takes over me and I can't be held responsible for my actions.
I was on the dance floor and suddenly I grabbed the rose I was given earlier and handed it to the bass player or maybe it was the piano player can't be sure.
Probably not the best thing to do as my date took offense and suddenly I had no ride home, oops.
Pretty bad though for a dude to strand a 17 year old girl in a bar but oh well what's a girl to do but party on and look for a ride home. Not to worry I made it home safely.

Another rock n' roll fable from the depths.


Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Is My Verse

The tears of Gaia fall all around me
She cries to refill her oceans
Her skin cracks and separates
She struggles to keep her composure

Far off in distant lands
Her belly rumbles with indigestion and irrupts
Closer to home the cracks in her skin give way
Global deforestation, the need for fossil fuel
Cut her breath

My heart bleeds fear
Fear of her destruction and imminent demise
Man has cut her deep she may not have long
When Gaia hurts we all hurt
I don't want to hurt any more