Dream as if you'll live forever
Live as if you'll die today

Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Is My Verse

The tears of Gaia fall all around me
She cries to refill her oceans
Her skin cracks and separates
She struggles to keep her composure

Far off in distant lands
Her belly rumbles with indigestion and irrupts
Closer to home the cracks in her skin give way
Global deforestation, the need for fossil fuel
Cut her breath

My heart bleeds fear
Fear of her destruction and imminent demise
Man has cut her deep she may not have long
When Gaia hurts we all hurt
I don't want to hurt any more



  1. Spot on Terry, This is very good,,,I especially like the line." Closer to home the cracks in her skin give way" I think through osmosis we all have this fear , if we recognize it for what it is or not.

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