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Friday, December 19, 2014

Walk of Shame?

Someone asked me the other day if I ever did the walk of shame.
Being not so hip I had to have explained to me what the walk of shame is.
While I will admit I have done it I have never thought of it as a walk of shame.
Those walks of shame as you so call them for me were a sign I had an awesome night. What can I say, and besides just because you are going home in the morning in the same clothes you wore out doesn't mean you've done anything to feel shameful about.People's assumptions and opinions are so fucked.

So with that in mind here's one of my rock n' roll fables for you.
Perhaps my best walk of shame?

A number of years ago I worked fulltime at A&B Sound and part time at the best ever live music club in Victoria, Harpo's.
Like any job sometimes you like to go for a drink after work.
Quite convenient to work in a bar you don't have to go far.
Sometimes if you were lucky it was a night when the band decided to kick back with the staff and boy could I tell you stories but I have to stick with this one.
On one of these nights when the band was hanging out the bass player and I struck up good conversation.
Good conversation lead to more drinks and more drinks lead to how about we get out of here. Next thing you know it's morning you're getting your roommate to give the bass player a ride to the band house and yourself a ride to work. And as the vehicle drives away you hear "you might want to wash that autograph off your leg before you get to work" You look down and on your calf in black permanent marker is an autograph, too freakin' hilarious.

So, walk of shame or just a great night of fun.
You tell me.

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