Dream as if you'll live forever
Live as if you'll die today

Friday, April 30, 2021


As I walked home today it was quite windy, there were wonderful pink blossoms falling and dancing their way to the ground. Gathering on the sidewalks and the streets. 

Blossoms on the ground always make me smile as I always remember the time standing on a corner on Cook St in Victoria waiting for the light to change. It was a windy day and I randomly decided to grab a handful of blossoms and throw them into the wind. Right into the face of a passing cyclist! Oops! I should have looked left.  He turned and scowled and I gave one of those, OMG I'm sorry looks and smiled back. I thought to myself, dude I bet you never had a girl throw petals at you before. Lol!

I think if that happened today it would become,

Innocent toss of blossoms leads to random meeting of long lost siblings.  Click Next! Click, click, click. Haha!

Until next time



  1. I have magnolia blossoms doing that outside my window today❣️❣️