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Friday, July 20, 2012

Series Two of Thru the Window

One might ask why so many photos?
My answer would be love. My man has health concerns and can’t travel, this way he can take the trip vicariously thru me and I can relate the trip as we go along.
This series is dedicated to him.

Series Two of Thru the Window
Photos were taken using my PENTAX Optio E90 pocket camera.
The majority of photos I took on this trip were with this camera so I have divided the slideshows by day. Enjoy and remember if you click thru on the slideshow you can see a larger version and slow down the slideshow.

Day One
The fireworks here are horrible I know but it was Canada Day and I was on a moving train. They were in Mission.

Day Two
This was where I woke up around 6am just out side Kamloops. Arrived in Jasper at 4pm our time. The ride was awesome.

Day Three
Met my Friend in Jasper and we drove to Clearwater and camped on the North Thompson River

Day Four
We started our day waking up next to the North Thompson River and we ended the day camping in Sasquatch Provincial Park. We didn’t see him though.

There is one more set of photos to come of this trip from yet another camera.

Stay tuned…

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