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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thru the Window

This is the first of my Thru the Window series.
I went on a small trip took the train to Jasper, stayed over and the next day my best friend picked me up and we drove back to the Island and went camping for a couple days along the way.

I used three types of cameras and Series One is done completely on my ASUS Tablet.
When I did have wi-fi I shared a few picks on Facebook.Cool feature of instant upload of photos. If the train had wi-fi I would have blogged all along.

These are all photo of the way to Jasper.
Sorry the slide show is a little fast I can’t figure out how to slow it down yet

But if you click thru you can look at them slower if you like.
More photos of each way are on the other 2 cameras.

I will be posting those soon…

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  1. Love this slide show, especially the mountain shots. I couldn't view them with my IPad so had to wait for my laptop. Looking forward to more.