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Friday, August 17, 2012


I write knowing that most people will not read this so I can be as honest as I want and who cares what other people think anyway right.
Some of you may know that 6 months ago I was diagnosed with PTSD. Look it up if you really want to know what it is. Varies for every individual.
Anyway after 6 months of not working I started back on a graduated back to work deal this week.
I did not realize that my job was protected, Lucky me, so now I am gradually working into full time at my old position doing 4 hr days 4 days a week.
Works for me I didn't really want my old job back but it is what it is.
The doctor will decide when I can work more hours.
While I was gone someone was given the responsibility of my position so my understanding coming back was we are basically job sharing until I am back to full time.
Well I get to work on my last day for the week, yesterday, and I am informed that the person who is supposed to be helping me has been put in a new department as of Monday.
What kind of support system is that??
What kind of expectation does that put on me who is still fragile and could explode at any minute :-)
I seriously don't want to go to work Monday I am very anxious.
We all have to grin and bear it I know but come on let's be realistic about things.
Throw me back into a 40 HR a week position and expect me to do it in 16. Ya know what Fuck You!
It won't be my fault if I go postal, ha ha.
I am joking I am not going to go postal I am way beyond that, lol.
There is something wrong here though.
Well that is my vent for the day.
Must go water the flowers now they bring me much peace.
And then pizza in bed with a movie.
What more could I ask for to forget the realities of life.
The cinema!
Anyway, good night Irene!

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  1. There is no accounting for the corporate mind set, especially in retail!!!!
    Do your best and f--- the rest. Who is this talking????? Don't tell anyone I said that :-)