Dream as if you'll live forever
Live as if you'll die today

Friday, June 28, 2013

I often sit and wonder

Do you ever wonder?
Do you actually take time to sit and wonder.
To wonder why things are the way they are?
To wonder who left that slipper in the square.
Perhaps to wonder where life may take you.
Or do you have blinders on?
I think, maybe I wonder and marvel too much
Is that even possible?
People often look at me strange as I stand staring into the sky following a bird around town
Or when I am watching bugs on a tree.
I have the wonder of a child most times and I think it is a wonderful thing
Others may disagree but that's when my blinders come on and I don't give a rats ass
Though curiosity did kill the cat
Is there a difference between wonder and curiosity?
Um perhaps I will wonder about that as I walk to the square as there is music playing and I am wondering who it is.

1 comment:

  1. Never stop wondering,it's where the answers come from,,enjoyed this as I'm a member of your wondering team. The road not taken, bug attacks, raven talk,,,and so on,,, :-)