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Sunday, June 30, 2013

To follow or not to follow

The other day someone asked me if I followed a particular person.
I replied no and if I did I inquired wouldn't that be considered stalking.
Oh haha TS you don't "actually" follow them.
You are following them online
Wouldn't that be cyber stalking
Oh they are allowing me to do it
In fact complete strangers are encouraging me to do it, whoa!
Follow me and your life will be so much better
Follow me and see how truly shallow I am
Follow me to the road to happiness
Follow me...

Here I have some awesome kool-aid it will take you to Nirvana
I'll see you when we get there

Don't get me wrong I use Facebook
Which is an incredulous universe of following and stalking
I liken it to required reading  in school
If you don't have your finger tapping in at least one form of online social media you are lost

Does anyone else see the irony in online social media
What do they call those things oxymoron.
The last time I went to a party and tried to be social
I couldn't talk to anyone because I didn't have a cell phone
Nobody speaks WTF
Still the good damn wallflower :-)
That's not the type of social I was brought up on.

I have lost track on where I was originally going with this
Oh right something about social media and sheep
All I can say is my family is and my friends are
One degree of separation
Anymore than that and you open yourself to who knows what

Innocence lost
Common sense lost
Respect lost
Where the hell did it all go?
Oh right social media

I love it when people walk into things
Really you couldn't wait until you got home
How much you are missing because you have your head down in your phone/tablet
Though it is great enjoyment for me I am a people watcher lol
What is with this need for instant communication.

At one time in my life we had a party line telephone
If you had an emergency you would have to ask whomever was on the line to get off
No instant communication there

Other than in a emergency situation
Why is it so necessary to have this instant communication
If you answer my question does that make you a follower?
Does it make me a hypocrite
Not really as you would be following me
Who knows I must go


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